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Buyer Market Research Tool Now Available

Posted by Marketplace Team on Jul 28, 2018 10:42:00 AM

We know you're busy and so we want to help make your job a little easier and save you time as you work through your procurement strategy. Based on feedback from Buyers, like you, and after months of planning and coding, our dynamic marketplace continues to expand with one of our biggest feature releases yet—a Buyer Market Research Tool.

FedBid is the leading reverse auction marketplace across the federal government with years of data stored up and that data is now more readily available to you while you conduct your market research.

This new Market Research Tool will allow Buyers to search the marketplace for buys previously competed, view the competitive analysis, and build a new buy from those search results. Buyers can easily access marketplace history and in turn gain a better understanding of what solicitations work best on the marketplace. The search results will not only show you a competition summary, but line item descriptions, including Manufacturer and Part Number are also available—saving Buyers valuable time while drafting a buy.

Here's how it works:

  1. Conduct your search: Simply type in the product or service you wish to search. A competition summary and a list of buys matching your search will be displayed with basic information on the buy.

    marketplace research screen grab

  2. Draft a buy from search results:After searching the product or service you’re looking for, you can view more details from the Selected Seller’s bid. From the Line Items list you can select ‘Add to Draft Buy’. You can also click on any Seller’s name to view their bid and choose the line items you wish to draft.Please note: You can only copy line items to draft from a single buy at any one time.

    marketplace research screen grab 2


Once you choose to ‘Create Draft Buy’ you will be taken to the first page of the buy workflow where you can fill out the remaining buy details and post your buy.

Download the PDF for a detailed tutorial »

Check out the latest update to this feature—Marketplace Research File »


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