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Play Your P-Cards Right

Posted by Marketplace Team on Mar 3, 2020 12:16:29 PM

The Government Purchase Card (GPC) program has been around since 1986. Over the past 30+ years, the federal government has experienced new generations of charge card contracts and every generation has benefited from innovative charge card offerings. Today, the GPC program operates under the General Services Administration (GSA) SmartPay program and is the largest charge card and payment solutions program in the world with over 556,000 accounts.

What are the benefits of utilizing the GPC program?

  • Reduces administrative costs and time to purchase and/or pay for goods and services
  • Supports the ability of program staff to purchase quickly while acquisition staff can focus on more complex acquisitions
  • Improves oversight of purchases through enhanced monitoring tools
  • Financial return to the Government in the form of refunds based on volume of spend and speed of pay

When can the GPC be used?

  • Make micro-purchases
  • Place a task or delivery order
  • Make payments when the contractor agrees to accept payment by the card

How can Unison Marketplace help?

  • Oversight and management
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Marketplace research
  • Mandatory source selection
  • Pre-existing BPAs or IDIQs

Learn more about the Government Purchase Card program, including when not to use the GPC, challenges of using the GPC and 4 ways to “play your P-Cards right.” Watch our Webinar: Play Your P-Cards Right and download our whitepaper: 4 Ways to Play Your P-Cards Right.


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