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There’s No Buy Too ‘Weird’ for Unison Marketplace

Posted by Marketplace Team on May 21, 2020 1:17:23 PM

Dog on Airplane

Unison Marketplace is stacked with over 100,000 registered Sellers and a full-service sourcing team ready to help you find the competition you need on your requirements...even the super odd ones.

Did you know that Unison Marketplace can help with unique buys such as air transportation services for working dogs overseas?  One customer did.

A federal agency posted a requirement for air transportation services for working dogs and our sourcing team was able to recruit 9 Sellers to the Marketplace allowing them to document over 20% in cost avoidance.

But it doesn’t stop at dogs...

After helping over sixteen thousand 1102s buy about a million commercial items and services, we’ve seen a lot, including requests for:

  1. Live chickens and rabbits
  2. Therapeutic horsemanship services
  3. Land restoration services
  4. A large inflatable planetarium
  5. Relocation services for an engineless plane (glider)
  6. Bio controls for noxious weeds in rural South Dakota
  7. 2,500 catfish

Think you’ve got a contract on your desk that rivals this list?  Login to Unison Marketplace to get started. 

If you’d like to see if your requirement has ever been competed on the Marketplace before, you can utilize our Marketplace Research Tool and get insight on stats such as the number of buys competed, average number of Sellers who bid, set-aside and contract vehicle breakdowns, and more.

You may even have a buy so unique it hasn’t been done on the Marketplace before, but never fear, we like a good challenge and are here to help you whatever your needs are!

Know anyone in your organization that needs help?  Invite them to register.  As you know, they can use Marketplace to reduce prices, hassle, and PALT for any commercial purchase...even the super odd ones.

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