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Let Unison Marketplace Help With Your Small Business Utilization Goals

Posted by Marketplace Team on Sep 19, 2019 2:28:27 PM

With the end of the fiscal year drawing to a close, the race is on for agencies to meet their yearly set-aside contracting goals. When it comes to meeting those small business goals, there is no better place to turn to than Unison Marketplace. Solicitations competed and awarded through the Marketplace far surpass federal set-aside goals each year. In FY18, Unison Marketplace awards out-performed in every federal small business utilization category.

Buyers know they can turn to Unison Marketplace when they need to contract with a group of qualified vendors in a specific set-aside category. The Marketplace provides Buyers access to more than 95,000+ registered Sellers, 80% of which are small businesses.

Here is a look at the federal set-aside utilization goals versus the set-aside utilization achieved on Unison Marketplace in FY18:

FY18 Set Aside Utilization

Buyers can also quickly change and re-post their buy to a different set-aside, at no cost, if they do not receive the desired competition.

Unison Marketplace is a great way for Buyers to achieve high competition on small business solicitations. Even when a Buyer posts an opportunity with no set-aside requirements and large businesses compete, 70% of those solicitations are still awarded to small-businesses.

With Unison Marketplace, Buyers gain access to an innovative platform that saves time, money, and helps meet agency small business utilization goals. Contact your Account Manager today to jump-start your acquisition productivity and meet your end of FY19 needs!

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