Webinar: 1102s Regain Control

Posted by Unison Marketplace Team on Feb 24, 2020 9:34:05 AM

Regain Control Part 2

Join us for the unveiling of the results of Unison’s annual survey of federal acquisition professionals. 

You will discover:

  1. What thousands of 1102s cited as the biggest sources of frustration, especially related to SAT purchases
  2. The root causes of problems with supplier communications, pulling data from multiple systems, and creating required documentation
  3. The approach that hundreds 1102s have begun using to address root causes and reduce frustration…what one CO called, “regaining control.”

* As a reminder, we are offering 1 CLP for attending this webinar.

How does it work?

  • Remember to turn up your volume, the sound will be presented through your computer or device. 
  • Throughout the webinar, submit questions or comments and one of our SMEs will reply.
  • Fill out the "Earn 1 CLP" quiz and a team member will send you your certificate! 

* Please note, a copy of the presentation will be provided to all attendees after the presentation.

Topics: Marketplace

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